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Emotional & Happy Trip to Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina [Video]

Aaaahh, Mostar! My interest in Mostar started my obsession with NEEDING to travel to the Balkans. It did not disapoint. It is technically situated in Herzegovina, and so there is a significant population of ethnic Croatians there, as well as Bosnians.

But please be warned: This was one of my first travel vlogs. I was still new to the whole Youtube travel vlogger thing,  so please pardon my awkwardness. But anyway, hopefully this video at least gives you the vibe of the quaint, historic and accommodatingly cheap, Mostar!

Also, be sure to check out my Bosnia & Herzegovina Youtube playlist!


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Traveling to Mostar soon? Have any questions about traveling there? Let me know in the comments! 🙂 

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