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15 Moscow Hotels with Russian Visa Support – All near the Red Square!

Looking for an awesome Moscow hotel offering Russian visa support?

Obtaining a Russian visa is much easier when you have found a hotel that provides visa support. If you already read my post How to Get a Russian Visa: 5 Quick and Easy Steps, you probably already know this.

If you are booking Moscow hotels that offer visa support, you can get a hotel voucher and letter of invitation in one action. Within an hour of making my booking, both my tourist voucher and invitation letter for my visa were emailed to me.

To further simplify the process for you, I have below a list of hotels in Moscow that offer visa support–all of which are walking distance from the Red Square, GUM, Bolshoi Theater and the Kremlin. Most of them are either right off Tverskaya St or near it. This is the street that runs straight into the Red Square area.

Most of these hotels have a visa support page on their website where you can fill out a simple Russian visa application form after you have made your booking. Other hotels require you to email them to request your invitation and tourist voucher.

You will most-likely have to pay anywhere between 940-1880 Russian Rubles ($15-$30 USD) depending on the accommodation.

Okay. So now what you came here for.

The best hotels in Moscow, Russia! I have arranged these Moscow hotels by mid-range hotels, budget hotels, and luxury hotels.


Mid-Range Moscow Hotels with Russian Visa Support


StandArt Hotel

Photo credit: StandArt Hotel.


If The Jetsons could design a hotel, StandArt would be their inspiration. This is a modern hotel with a futuristic look to all the rooms. It also has a rooftop terrace to gaze out at the Moscow sky line while enjoying a coffee or a traditional Russian mulled wine. It is off the main road Tverskaya. Walk straight the whole way in the direction of the Red Square and you will hit the icon of Moscow with no problems.

Click here for current rates and availability at StandArt Hotel


Stoleshnikov Boutique Hotel

Photo credit: Stoleshnikov Boutique Hotel. 


I think I’m in love. Can you be in love with a hotel? I just adore the ingenuity of this place. I love the room color palette of pastels and metallics, with all the vintage pieces being given a modern flare. It also has a restaurant and an airport shuttle.

Click here for current rates and availability at Stoleshnikov Boutique Hotel 



Hotel Kamergersky

Photo credit: Hotel Kamergersky.


If you want to stay in a place that feels like it has a lot of history, this is the hotel. All of the rooms look so regal, whether they are light and bright, or have a darker color scheme. It’s hard to believe that rooms that look like this don’t come at a luxury hotel price point.

Click here for current rates and availability at Hotel Kamergersky



Kuznetskiy Inn

Photo credit: Kuznetskiy Inn.


I wanted to say that the picture says it all… that all the rooms look like they were designed by an Elmo-loving classicist interior designer. But no. That red room must have been the passion project because all the other rooms look totally normal and have a neutral color palette. So, I guess Kuznetskiy Inn’s goal is to always keep you are your toes. All jokes aside, this hotel is very affordable, it has great reviews and it’s less than 10-minutes from the Kremlin. Plus, it just looks like what all Moscow hotels would look like in my wildest fantasies.

Click here for current rates and availability at Kuznetskiy Inn



Seven Hills Lubyanka

Hotel Lubyanka visa support

Photo credit: Seven Hills Lubyanka.


Hotel Lubyanka is a classic Russian hotel with a very humble look and a 10-minutes or less stroll to the Red Square. The classic interior is super simple, without being so simple that it is unattractive.

Click here for current rates and availability at Seven Hills Lubyanka



Courtyard Marriott Moscow 

Courtyard Marriott Moscow visa support

Photo credit: Courtyard Marriott. 


I’m always a sucker for a Courtyard Marriott. Whenever I traveled with my parents when I was young, we always stayed at Courtyard Marriotts and Marriotts. They’re always so chic, sleek, cozy and unpretentious. This one is no exception. It also has a breakfast buffet and a 24-hour snack bar…. Um, yes! The Marriott is more of a 20-25 minute walk to the Red Square though (5 minute taxi). And in the war of Hiltons vs. Marriotts, this Moscow Marriott takes the win over the Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya Hotel as that Hilton is not even in the city center.

Something else of note: there are three other Marriotts in Moscow (Marriott Hotel Novy Arbat, Moscow Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel, Moscow Marriott Grand Hotel). They all use the same visa application form, but the Courtyard Marriott uses a separate form. So make sure that when you go to the Marriott website, you don’t accidentally fill out the form for the other Marriotts.

Click here for current rates and availability at the Courtyard Marriott



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Budget Moscow Hotels with Russian Visa Support


Hotel City Comfort  

City Comfort visa support Moscow

Photo credit: Hotel City Comfort.


This is a colorful, quirky hotel that looks like an old English tea party and an artsy boutique had an affair and produced a love-child called Hotel City Comfort. And I want to be friends with that love child because I totally adore the gutsy character of this hotel. City Comfort is located in the quaint old Kitay Gorod district and has that living past vibe to streets outside.

Click here for current rates and availability at Hotel City Comfort



Tverskaya Loft

Photo credit: Tverskaya Loft.


Aw, how precious this hotel is. All the rooms look like they were well-cleaned and the linens and towels neatly folded by your mom. Do you know what I am talking about? No? Maybe? It just looks very sweet, simple and homely. This is another hotel just off of Teverskaya St. Shocker, I know.

Click here for current rates and availability at Tverskaya Loft



Matreshka Hotel

Photo credit: Matreshka Hotel.


I love the less-is-more, quasi-minimalist vibe of this hotel. Even the smaller rooms look quite spacious because none of the rooms are cluttered with furniture and the hotel really pulls off an anti-pop-and-circumstance mood. The hotel also serves a buffet breakfast every morning—my favorite.

Click here for current rates and availability at Matreshka Hotel



Inga Hotel Moscow

Photo credit: Inga Hotel Moscow.


So, let’s just be honest… Okay? This is not the most glamorous hotel. It’s very simple and humble–a true classic as far as Moscow hotels go. Sometimes cheap hotels in Moscow is just part of the Russian experience. Especially if you’re traveling for a long time, and traveling solo in particular.

Click here for current rates and availability at Inga Hotel


Hotel Element 

Hotel Element visa support Moscow

Photo Credit: Hotel Element. 


This modern hotel has splashes of fruity colors in all the right places, and refined finishing in all the others. It looks so relaxing and clean with white oak flooring. It also has a bar, and visa support here is cheaper than in most other hotels too. This is also more of a 20-25 minute walk to the Red Square (5 minute taxi).

Click here for current rates and availability at Hotel Element



Mini Hotel Magna (Paradise) Kitay-Gorod 

Mini Hotel Magna Paradise Kitai Gorod visa support Moscow

Photo credit: Mini Hotel Magna (Paradise) Kitay Gorod.  


Don’t let this hotel’s indecisively long name fool you. It has a decisively luxurious and cozy feel, despite its economical prices. All of the rooms are spacious, even the smaller rooms, and it’s so close to to Red Square.

Click here for current rates and availability at Kitay Gorod Hotel



Luxury Moscow Hotels with Russian Visa Support


Metropol Hotel Moscow

Photo credit: Metropol Hotel.


You can never go wrong with a Metropol hotel. All of the rooms are curated to sophisticated perfection in an art nouveau design with all marble bathrooms. It has a pool, a gym, a sauna, a breakfast buffet, and best of all, it’s about 5 minutes walking distance from GUM and the Red Square.

Click here for current rates and availability at Metropol Hotel



Four Seasons Moscow 

Photo credit: Four Seasons Moscow.


This a true luxury, 5-star hotel experience. Duh, it’s the Four Seasons. Only a Four Seasons would have two restaurants, a bar, and a swanky lounge all in one hotel. It has a very modern look as you can see above. I mean, the toiletries are provided by Roberto Cavalli!  Best of all, it is less than 5 minutes from the Red Square.

Click here four current rates and availability at the Four Seasons Moscow



Hotel National 

Photo credit: Hotel National. 


Breakfast buffet anyone? Just look at that view! This regal hotel with palatial rooms might not fit everyone’s budget, but if you can, definitely hit up that restaurant.

Click here for current rates and availability at Hotel National



One last piece of advice for finding a Moscow hotel with Russian visa support.

Once again, if you haven’t, be sure to check out my post I linked to at the top of the page about how to get a Russian visa quickly and easily. It’s good information in general for understanding all the Russian visa requirements and how to apply for a Russian visa if you are not quite sure where to start with the process.

Have fun in Russia, and don’t sweat the visa process. It’s not so bad.



Heading to Russia soon? Still confused about finding a Moscow hotel with Russian visa support, or the process of receiving your Russian tourist visa? If anything is unclear, please leave a comment below and I’ll see if I can help! Also,  feel free to message me on  Facebook or Instagram! I’m happy to help!

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