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My Favorite Airbnb Moments for Under $30 a night!


A huge way I have been able to budget travel is by using Airbnb for accommodations.


Airbnb is a site where anyone can list a single room, whole apartment, or even a whole house for rent. And because anyone can list their property, you can find accommodations in even the most remote destinations. I would not have been able to travel the Albanian Riviera without Airbnb because there are so few hostels along that rugged terrain.


So for people who are still deciding whether or not to try Airbnb, I wanted to share with you my FAVORITE accommodations, all under $30 a night, that helped me travel the world through the years.


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So here are my favorite Airbnb moments. 🙂


Giza, Egypt

giza egypt airbnb best accommodation rent apartment

Single Private Room at Pyramid Loft (guesthouse) – $22 a night

OMG! The Pyramids of Giza! This was a bucket list trip for me. Well, I guess it is for everyone! Anyway… this was the view from the terrace at Pyramid Loft Guesthouse, which was only a 5 minute walk to the entrance to the pyramids. A hotel near the pyramids would have cost me hundreds of dollars, but here I was, at one of the 7 Wonders of the World for less than $30 a night! On top of this amazing view, the manager of this guesthouse secured airport transfers for the guests which was a huge help for me instead of having to hail an overpriced taxi.


Tangier, Morocco

tangier morocco airbnb best accommodation rent apartment

Single Private Room at Tangier Kasbah (privately owned) – $28 a night

I still pinch myself that I have been to Morocco because its dizzying, maze-like medinas will leave you feeling like you’re in a dream! And in the heart of the medina of Tangier, high into the winding narrow streets, was a cool 3-story home owned by a sweet French lady. She lived in the house on the first floor,  and the room she rented was on the third floor. So even though it was a shared accommodation, I felt like I had my own apartment and a lot of privacy. The rooftop also had a beautiful view of the city of Tangier, as you can see above.


Dhërmi, Albania

ceraunian mountains, albanian mountain ranges

Single Private Room at Zaho’s House (guesthouse) – $25 a night

This was the view from my Airbnb accommodation in Dhërmi every time I stepped out the front door. How glorious, right? In this area of the Albanian Riviera, there was pretty much only one hostel in the area, but it was in Himarë. I wanted to stay in Dhërmi though, so my only options were Booking.com and Airbnb, and the best deal I found was on Airbnb for some guest rooms owned by a Greek guy who rented out a series of guest rooms throughout this region. Smart investment for him as Albania is blowing up!



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Makarska, Croatia

makarska croatia airbnb best accommodation rent apartment

Whole Apartment (privately owned) – discounted FREE!


This was the most fancy shmancy place I have ever stayed in with Airbnb—a 3-bedroom, two bathrooms, two balcony, modern apartment… and I had it all to myself. Best of all… It was FREE!

How is that possible? Well, I earn Airbnb credit discounts with Airbnb’s referral program. This happens when  someone I refer to Airbnb with my referral discount code stays at an accommodation for the first time after clicking my link. This allows me, as well as anyone using Airbnb’s referral program, to stay some places for free or at a discounted price. So even though this place actually costs a lot more than $30 a night, I wanted to include it to let you guys know that Airbnb offers this awesome referral program that you should take advantage of.


Madrid, Spain

madrid spain airbnb best accommodation rent apartment

Single Private Room (privately owned) – $8 a night


This was my first Airbnb booking which SAVED MY LIFE! It wasn’t the coolest place I’ve ever stayed in, nor did it have the best view. But I’m including it because again, it saved my life.

I booked my Madrid accommodations VERY last minute, and I couldn’t find a cheap hostel or hotel for my last day in the city. My final option was Airbnb, and I found this $8 a night accommodation. It was in a more quiet part of town away from all the major attractions. But I would have had no where to stay if it wasn’t for Airbnb. The woman who owned the apartment was so sweet and helpful to me in giving me directions to the airport from the metro as well! So I am extremely grateful that this was my introduction to Airbnb.


 Got any questions about using Airbnb for the first time? Let me know them in the comments below!  And if you have any questions about traveling to the Balkans, feel free to message me on Facebook or Instagram! I’m happy to help!




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