Eastern Serbia Travel Guide – 7 Places You Have to See in 2021 (video)!

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5 Other Sites to Travel to in Eastern Serbia!


Roman ruins of Felix Romuliana at Gamzigrad

Felix Romuliana Gamzigrad travel guide, how to get to Felix Romuliana Gamzigrad

Image credit: Serbia.com


Secretly tucked away behind the city of Zaječar, a Serbian border town to Bulgaria, are the Roman ruins of Gamzigrad. This is an ancient palace with pillared temples known as Felix Romuliana. The Roman emperor Galerius was buried on the hill above it.


Lepenski Vir

lepenski vir travel, how to get to lepenski vir

Image credit: AirSerbia.com


40 minutes east of Golubac, Lepenski Vir is one of the largest archeological sites from the prehistoric ages between 9500/7200–6000 BC. The site consists of well preserved artifacts, one large settlement and numerous fish-like sculptures and architectural remains.

You can take a bus to Lepenski Vir, or to Donji Milanovac.

Srebrno Jezero (Silver Lake)

Srebrno Jezero travel guide, how to get to Srebrno Jezero

Image credit: Danas.rs


This pristine lake is located in Veliko Gradište. If you watch the part of my video about VG where I am driving on a thin strip of road with water on both sides, this is Srebrno Jezero, a summer vacation spot for many locals. I didn’t spend much time there, but if I go back, I will definitely pull up a beach chair and enjoy the scenic water with the small Romanian mountains at my back.


Djerdap National Park

Djerdap National Park travel guide, how to get to Djerdap National Park

Image credit: turizmopedija.com


So you saw me go to the Iron Gates of Djerdap. But you can also see them from above at Djerdap National Park. It spans the right bank of the Danube River from the Golubac Fortress to the dam near Novi Sip. It’s great for hiking, boating and camping. You can find the park management office in Donji Milanovac.


Image credit: hotelmanager.rs


Viminacium (Viminacijum) is another ancient city and military camp of the Roman Empire, specifically the province of Moesia, aka modern day Serbia. Viminacium can be found 7 miles outside of the town of Kostolac. Historical records claim the city was around as early as the 1st century AD. At its peak, it is believed to have had 40,000 inhabitants.

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