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The cost of living in Kosovo: How to survive as a Kosovar expat

You’re interested in living as an expat in Kosovo, eh?

Or for all you digital nomads out there, you might be interested in being a mini retired person in Kosovo for a period of time maybe? Well whichever you are, you’re awesome for that.

Kosovo is an exciting young place. It’s small with an urban ruggedness that packs a punch. Thus, I completely understand why you’re searching for the cost of living in Kosovo. 

So just how much money do you need to survive as an expat or retired person there? 

In order to help you answer that, I have focused on 7 areas where your money will consistently go each month to examine how much money you need. 

These numbers reflect the costs of living alone in the capital Prishtina.  If you are coming as a couple or a family, you can do the necessary multiplications to figure out how much money you need for your specific situation. Also, keep in mind that smaller and less touristy towns will have a lower cost of living for Kosovo. This rule pretty much goes for all the other countries in the Balkans as well. 

Aaaand… here’s where your money will go!


For a studio apartment or a one bedroom apartment, you are looking to pay between 100-200 euros a month at least. Of course, the cheaper the apartment, the smaller and less renovated it will be. Apartments in the city will naturally cost more than apartments in the suburbs.


In the summer months, utilities will cost around 30-50 euros, while they will cost around 40-60 euros in the winter. Throw in internet, TV and phone, and you’re looking to spend an extra 15 euros a month on your living arrangement.  


For a monthly membership card in Prishtina for bus transport, it will cost you 12 euros a month. Individual bus trips will cost you 0.40-0.50 euros. 

Going Out

Social life varies from person-to-person of course, and Prishtina has a lot offer. There are many nice restaurants in Prishtina with a variety of dishes, including local and international cuisine. You can have a very good meal for as little as 8 euros. You probably won’t spend more than 20 euros on a meal. Fast food will cost between 1-5 euros. And a fun night at a club or a pub shouldn’t cost you more than 15-20 euros. 


As an expat, you can’t receive the public healthcare. Depending on the type of doctor and treatment you need, you will pay about 10-20 euros for private care. You might incur some added fees during your visit as well. Pharmacy visits are also quite economical for expats. Antibiotics are often 3 euros or less, and other prescription medicines fall between 10-20 euros. 


Kosovo has a lot of fresh markets as well as supermarkets that have a variety of ripe fruits, vegetables and other delicacies. 20 euros per week should be enough for 1-2 people. This is where the cost of living in Kosovo is just awesome!  

Monthly total

Depending on one’s lifestyle and income, an average person can have a decent experience  relying on 550 euros and upwards. To live more comfortably however, you want to be making 650-700 euros. 

I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions or have anything you want to say about your experience living in Kosovo if you have lived there, please do so below!  Also feel free to message me on Facebook or Instagram if you need help with anything. 

Thanks so much to my friend Shpetim in Prishtina for helping me with this!


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