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My Favorite Airbnb Moments for Under $30 a night!

  A huge way I have been able to budget travel is by using Airbnb for accommodations.   Airbnb is a site where anyone can list a single room, whole apartment, or even a whole house for rent. And because anyone can list their property, you can find accommodations in even the most remote destinations. […]

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How I Stay in Nice Hotels for Free as a Small Youtuber!

Even with a small Youtube channel, Instagram, or small or new blog; you can get free accommodations as you are technically part of the media. Find out how that works in the video below where I explain a well-known technique called pitching that influencers, micro-influencers and bloggers do to get free accommodations. Helpful links from […]

how to find an apartment in croatia, how to find an apartment in bosnia herzegovina

How to Find an Apartment (or House!) in Croatia Guide

A lot of people email me asking me how to find an apartment in Croatia to rent, and often want to know what I did to find my apartment here in the Balkans (I live in Serbia actually, but the process is the same having searched in both countries, who also share the same language […]

how find job balkans, how find work in balkans

13 Tips for How to Find a Job in the Balkans

One of the most common questions I get is how to find a job in the Balkans. So many people who fall in love with this part of the world want to come back here and spend an extensive amount of time in one or more of the countries.  But most quickly realize that finding […]

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How to get a Russian Travel Visa in 2021: 5 Quick & Easy Steps!

Ooooh. The big, bad, scary Russian visa.  It seems that’s how people feel when researching ‘how to get a Russian visa’ for their first trip to the country. But obtaining a transit or tourist visa to Russia is really not that much work. Once you have it, you will think, wow, that wasn’t so bad. […]

the cost of living in the Balkans retired or expat or digital nomad

The cost of living in the Balkans: How to survive as a Balkans expat

You’re interested in living as an expat in the Balkans, eh? Or for all you digital nomads out there, you might be interested in being a mini retired person in the Balkans for a period of time maybe? Well whichever you are, I don’t blame you! The Balkans has the sea, the mountains, great night life, […]