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Heartiest welcome and greetings!

Who am I?

Hello again! My name is Nwando (that’s a Nigerian name–my parents are Nigerian). I am a Youtuber/blogger with more than 2 million views on my channel about living in and traveling in the Balkans and Europe. 

I am from the state Maryland in the USA. 

I love to travel and I always travel solo. I have traveled to over 30 countries and I even lived in Australia for a year. After traveling to the Balkans for the first time in 2015, I fell in love with it… Hard! I decided the Balkans and I couldn’t be apart any longer and so I made the decision to move to Serbia. Now I am living my dream of exploring more of the Balkans and Europe.

So why am I so obsessed with the Balkans? 

This might sound strange, but ever since I was a little girl, I had an interest in former Yugoslavia. The war  in the early 90s was the first war I really observed play out on the news–and I couldn’t shake the images and stories I saw on TV from my soul. When I was in university, for one year I was a history major until I switched to psychology. And in that year, I focused all my research on the history of former Yugoslavia. In 2010, the travel bug hit me, and a few years later, I started to travel to the Balkans. I fell in love with the gargantuan mountains, the red rooftops, the Mediterranean meets Slavic food, the pebbled beaches, the sexy nightlife, the storied fortresses, the old Turkish stone roads, the story book walled old towns and most importantly, the people–the nicest, most welcoming people in the world. Every year I kept going back until I decided I never wanted to leave ever again… like ever! 

And now, I am a Balkans expat based in Belgrade, Serbia. Happily ever after? The story is still writing itself. 

Feel free to contact me if you need help with anything Balkans!

I appreciate so much that you found my blog and I hope it has helped you in some way. If there is something you need help with that you don’t see discussed on my blog, feel free to ask me any question you have by messaging me on Instagram. Advance warning: I might not get back to you immediately as I often take social media breaks and am also an extremely forgetful person, so please be patient with me! 

How do I make money to live in the Balkans?

I was fortunate enough to get an online work opportunity to live here. I also do freelance digital media marketing, and I make some money from my youtube channel. I’m still new to forms of online work. But this is an exciting new chapter for me.    

Do I do collaborations, sponsored and affiliate posting and Youtube videos?

Yes! If you are interested in collaborating with me, please email me at