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Emotional & Happy Trip to Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina [Video]

Aaaahh, Mostar! My interest in Mostar started my obsession with NEEDING to travel to the Balkans. It did not disapoint. It is technically situated in Herzegovina, and so there is a significant population of ethnic Croatians there, as well as Bosnians. But please be warned: This was one of my first travel vlogs. I was […]


Nightlife in Sarajevo City Center + Things to Do & See [Video]

Here’s a video about experiencing Sarajevo nightlife, enjoying the storied Sarajevo city center and checking out the sights of the city! But because I can’t just make a video for y’all, continue reading on for some more information about traveling to Sarajevo that I think you should know… everything from the best Sarajevo rent a […]