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what is the best country in the balkans to live ?

What is the Best Country in the Balkans to Visit?

The answer to this much sought after question might shock you!

cost of living in Balkans: cost of living in Croatia, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia -- standard of living

The Cost of Living in the Balkans for Each Country

A cost of living guide for the final frontier of European expat-ing.

How I learn Serbian, Croatian, Albanian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Serbo Croatian online

The Cheapest Way to Learn Languages Online

 I offer 5 reasons why you should learn with Preply.com and save money. 

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matka canyon lake in Macedonia


Balkans fortress guide series, tips, how to get to: Belogradchik rocks & fortress in Bulgaria

The Epic Balkans Fortress Series Guide: Belogradchik

Bulgaria's Belogradchik was on my Balkans bucket list. But things didn't go as planned...

what it's like being a black person traveler that is traveling in the Balkans / South Eastern Europe

8 Things to Expect as a Black Traveler in the Balkans

Being black is really not a big deal, but it is an interesting deal to say the least...

american at dangerous belgrade derby

Is the Belgrade Derby as Scary as it Looks? 

I went to the Belgrade derby and sat with the hardcore fans... and I survived!

Matka Canyon

It's only 30 minutes outside of Skopje, Macedonia's capital, and yet it's still not so crowded.  A beautiful restaurant sits at the bottom of the canyon for those who need a meal after hiking or rock-climbing. And a lonely monastery sits at the peak of the mountain. Good luck getting there!

brief introduction to me, expat in Balkans, expat in Serbia, expat in Croatia

Amerikanka - /əˈmɛrɪkɒnkə/

- noun: (in Serbian and Croatian language context) an American girl. slang: an American girl with an intense, incurable, borderline embarassing obsession with the Balkans.

Click here to find out why I moved to Serbia and became a Balkans expat! 🙂

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